Firkin mobile bars is based in West Oxfordshire, home of some fantastic local breweries. We have close connections with Hook Norton and Wychwood who both supply us with a Firkin great range of ales. As well as having their most popular ales available all year round, both breweries also make seasonal brews, giving us something different to look forward to every spring, summer, autumn and winter.  We also import bottled ales from all over the UK, providing delicious, original beers. We are always expanding our range of suppliers to ensure you get an incredible selection of brews for your do.


We are just as passionate about our lager as we are about our ale. As well as supplying some of the better known brands such as Fosters, Carlsberg and Kronenbourg, we also source other great lagers including Peroni and San Miguel. We have an endless range of bottled lagers from all over the world. We are always tasting and recommending new lagers from outside the UK and Europe. If there are any specific foreign lagers you would like to recommend please contact us: info@firkinmobilebars.co.uk


Our preferred supplier of wine is The Oxford Wine Company, an independent, family owned wine specialist that has been established for nearly 20 years. They were recently named Independent Regional Wine Merchant of the Year and they are fantastic. They supply us with a selection of over 800 wines so we are sure to find the perfect drop for you. We provide a range of delicious, reasonably priced house wines as well as some exclusive, top end tipples, something for everyone!


We supply both keg and bottled cider. On keg you will find Britain’s most popular choices such as Strongbow and Magners, and a range of weird and wonderful bottled varieties are available for the more adventurous cider drinker. We stock a selection of cloudy, fruity and bubbly ciders largely sourced from the West Country such as Westons, Brothers and Stowford Press.


At every event we ensure we have a full selection of the most popular brands of spirits including vodkas, whiskeys, gins, rums etc. For any specific requirements please let us know and we will take care of it.

Soft drinks:

We always ensure there are soft drinks on sale. We can provide a range of juices as well as coke lemonade and tonic.

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